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Ensuring Patient Care and Consideration before Monetary Gains

An emerging workplace with expanding units, NTU provides the best possible patient care with a fresh environment and with equal amount of energy and effort vested by our team.

Nobody wants to be treated in a dull environment, where the sole purpose of the Physician is to treat your diagnosis without any focus to enhance patient engagement. Being the largest healthcare service provider in the field of Neuro Surgery, Trauma and Stroke related health issues in Pune, India, we have a 33 bed NTU facility with great in-house medical staff. Our nurses are professional medical workers who are knowledgeable in every aspect of patient care. Our unique mix of treatments allows us to cater to treat various ailments.

For instance we could have Neuro patient with raised ICP (Intracranial Pressure) and on the next bed we are treating a patient for septic shock. This is possible because our doctors and nurses are well trained to tackle and take care of diverse range of health problems.

Due to our pleasing environment that looks much more than a hospital, the patient influx for Trauma and Stroke has doubled from last year. And not just a medical centre, we are actively involved in Research and Development for various illness at our advanced facility to treat patients in an ultra-modern and satisfactory way.

Everyone likes to work here as it is a very positive environment. Our focus is entirely on service. The unique aspect of NTU is that we are the largest in Pune, India. We offer medical treatment to Neuro-Surgical, Trauma, Stroke and other post-op patients, which in itself is a unique feature. Our NTU nurses are well trained and have great interpersonal skills. They handle just about everything here and hence are capable of working in any other ward in the hospital.

It is amazing how the environment of NTU changes from day to day and hour to hour. We see enormous number of patients being brought in with trauma & stroke.

We are active in research and recognized for this as well as for our advanced facilities and the way we treat our patients.


It is both our aspiration and commitment to place our values in everything we do, deliver the best outcomes everyday while building a positive, healing environment and patient focused culture.


With our historic reputation for clinical excellence and a huge variety of speciality services at Ruby Hall Clinic, we combine high quality medicine with personalized care. This is the reason why our patients have been entrusting us with their most valuable asset – their health.

Quality Policy

We are committed to quality as an integral part of our total operations with the goal of achieving clinical excellence, patient satisfaction and safety by continually improving our capability to identify, develop and provide services that are valued by our patients and result in good clinical outcomes.

An emerging workplace with expanding units, NTU provides the best possible patient care with a fresh environment and with equal amount of energy and money vested by our team.

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