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Interventional Coil Embolization for fatal post traumatic epitaxis (9th Annual Conference of ISCCM 2003 at Jaipur)

  • Primary Percutaneous Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) in Young polytrauma patient (18th Annual Conference of ISCCM 2012 at Pune)
  • High dependency unit – Experience at tertiary care hospital (18thAnnual Conference of ISCCM 2012 at Pune)
  • A case report of multidrug resistant acinobacter meningitis in post Neurosurgical patients (18th Annual Conference of ISCCM 2012 at Pune)
  • Problems and limitations in thrombolysis of acute stroke patients at tertiary care center (19th Annual Conference of ISCCM 2013 at Kolkata)
  • Primary CNS lymphoma presenting with refractory hypotension centre(19th Annual Conference of ISCCM 2013 at Kolkata)
  • Timing of tracheostomy inadult Neuro Trauma patients undergoing artificial ventilation at a tertiary care hospital (19th Annual Conference of ISCCM 2013 at Kolkata)
  • The medical emergency teak (MET): Does it really make a difference in outcome? (19th Annual Conference of ISCCM 2013 at Kolkata)
  • Sudden cardiac arrest post electrophysiological study with multiple co-morbidities (19th Annual Conference of ISCCM 2013 at Kolkata)
  • Epidemiology and Resistance patterns of common ICU infections – A multicenter observational study (MOSER) (19th Annual Conference of ISCCM 2013 at Kolkata)
  • Assessment of safety and adverse Health outcome for Colistimethate sodium (CMS) in critical care settings of India [Patil, S. Zirpe, K. Mukherjee, D. Krishnaprasad, K. Bhargava, A.] Vienna, Oct 2014
  • Outcome predictors in severe dengue infection with multi-organ dysfunction syndrome: A prospective multi-centered study (26th Annual Congress of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine) Amsterdam 2013
  • The role of bedside contrast transthoracic echo in screening and diagnosis of pulmonary arterio-venous malformation - A case report, M.Pathak, A.Deshmukh, K.Zirpe, Sushma G Ranade, Annual Congress, 2014, Jaipur
  • Takotsubo cardiomyopathy syndrome of transient left ventricular apical wall motion abnormality occur in critically ill patient, M.Pathak, S.Gurav, K.Zirpe, A.Deshmukh, G.Ranade&R.Goyal, Annual Congress, 2014, Jaipur
  • "Dengue Infection with Multi organ Dysfunction: - SOFA score,Arterial Lactate And Serum Albumin Levels Are Predictors of Outcome" Oral presentation at 28 th Annual Congress of European Society at Berlin 5-8 Th Oct.2015.
  • Impact of Stroke Code implementation on achieving optimum Door-to-Needle time for Stroke thrombolysis. Authors: Sushma K. Gurav, Kapil G. Zirpe, R. S. Wadia, Manish Prasad K. Pathak, Abhijeet M. Deshmukh, Rahul V. Sonawane, and Nikhil Goli at world stroke conference at Hyderabad 2016

Original Contributions:

  • Indian ICU case mix and practice pattern study (ICICAP) PI 2011..ISCCM SURVEY
  • Multi-center Observational Study to evaluate epidemiology and Resistance Patterns of Common ICU-infections (MOSER) PI 2012..ISCCM SURVEY
  • The intensive care Outcome Network (ICON) Study 2012 (PI)
  • Limitations and Problems in thrombolysis of acute stroke patient tertiary care experience(IJCCM 2015)
  • Intensive care in India: The INDICAPS point prevalence survey. IJCCM 2016
  • The impact of early tracheostomy in Neuro Trauma patients: A retrospective study" has been published in IJCCM 201

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